Thursday, 1 July 2010

45 days/6 weeks to go....

Well, there are 45 days/6 weeks to go…gulp.

The training is going well and I’ve been trying to make 100 miles per week but it’s hard since there is so much stopping and starting in London with traffic lights, pedestrians, cars etc. etc. Through July I’ll be ramping this up a bit during the week and doing more at weekends – to get through about 200 miles a week.

My only real option for continuous training during the week is the route around Regent’s Park – I usually do it around 8 times which makes about 28 miles (including getting there and back) – but it’s also really important to train for hills as there are surprisingly quite a lot of them along our route as I found out last time, so I’ll be going further afield out of London to get more road miles under my belt.

I’ve had a few problems with the bike over the last few days – usual maintenance stuff, but it has been frustrating not being able to get out – for the more technically minded among you – I’ve had to overhaul the bottom bracket and replace the main drive chain – large chainring and chain. I’ve also had to overhaul the rear derailleur. All that’s left is to fit a new cassette – and I’ll be ready to get going again. I’ve got some catching up to do, so I’ll have to pack in the miles this weekend.

Matthew and I are training separately but over the next few weeks we will be getting together and testing out our pacing skills, so we will keep you posted!

Until then I’ll continue to update you all on my progress week by week until the day arrives, so stay tuned and you can understand what I mean when I say blood sweat and tyres!

I should also let you know that we will be filming our exploits and taking lots of pics that we will post on Facebook before, during and after the event, so look out for us and our weary faces!

Thank you all so much for showing your support by donating to us, and I hope that hearing of our plight moves you to generosity for the deserving children we are raising money for. You can donate here:


Patrick Noble

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