Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Three Peaks Challenge 2010

Katy Berezovsky, Lucy Cannock, Stephen Daly, Kathryn Geels & David Pitkin, (accompanied by their resident driver and motivational coordinator Andrew Loynd,) have kindly volunteered to take part in The Glanfield Hospitalité Trust Three Peaks Challenge 2010.

The Glanfield Hospitalité Trust, (GHT) was set up in February this year to support and advance the standard of life for all people in need throughout the world including; those who live in poverty, those with disabilities, those who are physically or emotionally deprived, those who have been neglected, and their families.

GHT aim to provide relief in many forms, such as the provision of vital equipment to enable individuals, organisations and communities to become more self sufficient; food, clothing and accommodation to relieve poverty; work books and materials to educate; and the provision of respite amongst others.

The GHT Three Peaks Challenge will take place on the evening of 15th July 2010 and involves climbing the highest peak in Scotland, England and Wales, within 24 hours.

The Highest Peaks in each country are:
Ben Nevis, in Scotland (1344m)
Scafell Pike, in England (978m)
Snowdon, in Wales (1085m)

Please sponsor us generously to support this truly worthy cause by visiting our GHT sponsorship site here.

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